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Employee Spotlight - Jim Tipsord


Jim Tipsord has been a valued member of the Shar Systems team since 2015.  In his role, Jim wears many hats - he handles machine assembly, builds electrical panels and controls, manages shipping and receiving, pitches in on painting, wires and tests machines, and even does onsite repairs and installations. 

Jim's path to Shar Systems was shaped by his father Steve Tipsord, who worked at the company for 40 years before retiring.  As Jim puts it, "Shar Systems was largely responsible for the food on our table, the presents under the tree, and the clothes on our backs while growing up."  With a lifelong mechanical inclination and deep familiarity with Shar, it seemed like a natural fit when the opportunity arose. 

When asked about his proudest accomplishments, Jim cites his ability to adapt and take on new responsibilities.  Whether it was stepping up to paint after a painter's passing, building electrical cabinets when an electrician departed, or managing shipping/receiving duties, Jim has consistently risen to the challenge.  He takes pride in sharing his accumulated knowledge with newer employees. 

Outside of work, Jim's passion is motorcycle riding and tinkering with his collection of bikes from brands like Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Harley Davidson.  But one surprising fact about Jim?  He seems to have a special rapport with animals.   Jim shares that he's never met an animal that he couldn't make friends with, from stray cats and dogs to wild raccoons, opossums, alligators, and even penguins!

Jim's versatility, dedication, and overall spirit embody the best of the Shar Systems team.  We're proud to shine the spotlight on such a valuable employee.