The first step in designing your system is to find out your exact needs. This helps us develop a conceptual drawing outlining the entire process and enables us to make sure that the process we envision is compatible with your needs. It is not until you have approved the concept that your project moves to the next stage.


After determining the basic concept, we will produce a comprehensive set of CAD drawings, these drawings will provide a detail of the equipment required. If necessary we can arrange to visit your site to better understand the exact needs and amount of space available for your application.


Next, we will take care of the installation if you desire. We will begin by preassembling your mixers, tanks, dispersers, and motor control centers at our plant. This approach not only reduces the time we have to spend in your facility but also gives us a chance to test the largest components of your system before we install them. The entire system will come together at your facility. We will install all the components and can provide platforms, piping, and wiring if needed. If you need to upgrade an existing production facility, we will work around your schedule to not interrupt your production process – even if it means working after hours or on weekends. And if downtime is unavoidable, we will do whatever we can to keep it to a minimum.


After installation is complete, your entire system will undergo rigorous testing. It’s our way of making sure it will perform flawlessly. After testing your system, we can make sure your employees are familiar with your new equipment.


Manuals with operating and maintenance instructions, parts lists, and detailed drawings are provided for your new machinery.


At Shar Systems, we design and build every component to last. But in the unlikely event of a failure or age has finally caught up to the equipment, we try to make sure your downtime is minimal. Most of the parts we use a generic in nature, to keep the replacement times as low as possible.


Due to the durability of our machinery, some are still in the field operating after 40+ years of service and a little TLC may be required. Shar Systems can rebuild some worn equipment in your facility and/or it can be returned to Shar Systems to be refurbished in some cases.


Most maintenance issues can be completed by your in-house maintenance team, but if the situation requires more than you are comfortable with Shar Systems can send a technician to your site to perform maintenance on your equipment for you.


Shar Systems has staff on hand 5 days a week to assist you with any questions and to meet your needs promptly. At Shar Systems, we design and build every component to last. In the unlikely event of a failure, we will make sure the downtime is minimal. Most of the parts we use are generic so you won't have to wait or pay for special parts. If you need a technician we will have one for you promptly. No matter your needs whether you want to produce 500 gallons of 3-component fiberglass mixture or 5,000-gallon batches of 20-component paint we can build the perfect system for you.