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Look At What Shar Brings to the Mix


You can add a multitude of benefits to your production line simply by adding Shar to the mix. The Shar batching system uses the latest technology to improve your line's mechanics and process controls. 

Labor Savings 

The entire system is automated, which helps cut labor costs. This is because operators don't add raw material or spend time monitoring the mixing speed and operation, they can run multiple mixers or perform other duties.   


The Shar Batching System precisely weights each raw material adding it directly into the mixing vessel or a small weight hopper. In addition, the content, blend, mix speed, and mix temperature of each batch all become part of the automated process. This provides an exact mix that can be repeated time and time again.   

Inventory Control 

Because the exact quantity of each raw material is documented and stored in memory, inventory management becomes much easier and there is less waste. When formula additions or corrections are necessary, they are easier to perform and are documented so no one is left guessing about what was added and when. 


We can't forget about speed With fewer steps and no manual weighing, the Shar Batching system will shorten your production cycles and help add to your bottom line. Of course, our batching system also comes with the Shar reputation for durability and quality. Our industry-leading mixing equipment utilizes patented blade technology and innovative design. All equipment is installed in a professional manner using the latest products and controls. You're left with a cleaner and safer facility with a state-of-the-art system that adds much more than raw materials to the mix.