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What We Do: Machining


What is Machining?  

Machining is a manufacturing activity that incorporates a wide range of technologies and techniques. It is the process of removing material from metal parts to fit an intended design. Most of the parts needed for Shar products require the use of machining to fit the customer’s needs. There are six different types of machining used in manufacturing. The first being “boring tools.” This is used on material that has holes that need to be enlarged. They are often used to cut material with dimensions that have already been asked for by the customer, things such as sheet metal that is needed to be cut into the desired shape. Drilling tools consist of machining of two-edged rotating devices that create round holes parallel to the axis of rotation. Grinding tools are tools that apply a rotating wheel to achieve a fine finish or to make light cuts on a workpiece. We can use milling tools to create unique shapes and designs in the metals which are non-circular. 

At Shar Systems, when the machining is completed, it is then passed to our welders to prepare it for assembly.